Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pumpkin Card

Pumpkin Season is upon us already.  I can't believe it.  Seems like I was just ushering in Memorial Day, and somehow pumpkins and cool weather stepped in instead.  

But that is OK.  I adore pumpkins and the pumpkin shape. Isn't this just a divine die cut?  I outlined it with Stickels glitter glue to give it some glam. 

This card was made using the Flying Unicorn Small Art Big Passion Kit for October.  It's perfect for Autumn and those fall projects.

Don't know anything about the Small Art Big Passion kit?  Well, it is a mini coordinated kit that is assembled each month and geared toward the card and tag maker - or folks that only have a little time in the month and yet still love new products.

It's also priced just right so that you are not left serving the family creative casseroles and meals featuring Ramen Noodles for days on end.  Everything in moderation, right?

This little kit is actually my favorite offering of the Unicorns each month.

And of course no pumpkin card is complete without raffia.

This card is not complex, but I don't think cards necessarily need to be complex, heaped with embellishments and flowers all the time...often, but not always.  Flowers do make me happy.

Flying Unicorn - Small Art Big Passion kit -Oct
Die-Versions Pumpkin Die - whispers DVW 277
Stickles Yellow

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sunflower Decorated Cigar Box With Tips on Building Clusters

I'm here to share an autumn inspired piece of home decor.  I used the Oct. Your Passion your Art kit and embellished it with the gorgeous coordinated autumn Mixed Passion package.    

While the  Our Mixed Passion collection is perfectly suited to complement the main kit, this is also an amazing stand alone collection.  

You can also find this on my ETSY page - grab it quick!

The Cigar Box
So back to my box.  This is a cigar box I bought at a flea market.  This one happens to be a cool black wooden box.  I did absolutely nothing to the box except pull the brand stickers off and smell the inside of the box...mmmmmm.  Reminds me of my grandpa who smoked cigars back in the day. 

Cigar boxes are pretty inexpensive. You can search on ebay and etsy and snag some great prices. If you are bold enough, you can walk into a local smoke shop, flash that charming smile of your's and ask for a box or two in your sweetest voice.  Who can refuse you?

Creating Cohesion
I started with the front and made my flower embellishment look like a sunflower.   I used the Petaloo Darjeeling Yellow Daisies and topped it with a Petaloo Daisy Center from the main kit. I liked the simplicity of the sunflower so much that I decided to repeat it on the top and make the piece a bit more cohesive.  

Building a Cluster
On to my clustering and embellishing. I focused on using the Mixed Passion collection as I said above.  When I am  decorating a box, I prefer to have the embellishments set at an angle and not flat on the piece. Why?  Because I am making the piece to place on a shelf or dresser.  You want to be able to see  all the embellishing at a distance and not have to be directly on top of the piece to appreciate it's detailed beauty.  If the flowers and leaves were arranged flatly, like a scrap page, then you lose all the purpose of the decor.   

Step 1. I started with my main flower and work outward. A cluster needs an "anchor".  That will be my largest main Petaloo flower.  I also inked the petals of the flower to enrich it.  I glued the flower onto the box at an angle. 

Step 2.  The anchor flower is set at an angle but now needs some support so it can stay at an angle and not squish down over time. Something needs to be added behind the flower.  In this case I used the Prima leaf vines because they have wired stems.  The wire acts as a super great support. 

You have no wired vines you say? OK, then glue several small pieces of cardboard together or several layers of foam tape to support the flower.  I also used the wooden key embellishment that came in the kit and glued it behind the flower to support the flower.  Metal pieces work well also - as do small hinges that are bent with one side glued down and the other side as support.

Step 3. Now that the main anchor flower is secure and well supported with something, the back of the cluster looks like a hot mess.  No worries!  This is where the magic of embellishing comes into play.  I pulled out the gorgeous weave trim that came in the main kit and used that to cover all that unsightly horror behind the flower.   I tied a giant bow and glued it to cover up all the mess.  The bow needs to be large enough to cover messes AND large enough to be taller than the anchor flower.  It needs to be seen.   I left long bow tails because they will be used to help cover messy areas.  I secured my bow with dabs of glue to the anchor flower and I glued down the bow tails to the box. They can't flutter about if they are meant to cover messes.

Step 4. Start building the cluster.  I like both sides of the cluster to resemble each other without being exactly the same. They don't need to have similar flowers but I think they need to be similar in color.  I also like one side of the cluster to be slightly longer than the other, including the ribbon piece.  I stray from symmetry. That's just me.

Finishing the Cluster
The cluster is pretty much done.  I've added all the flowers and leaves that I care to add. To fill in the bare spots, I love to add snippets of stuff.  In this case my "stuff" happens to be cheap floral berries cut apart and glued down.

Did You Miss Out On Oct's Kits?  Never Miss A Kit Again
If you missed out on Oct's kits for any reason and want to make sure you never miss out again, then plan to exercise the Pre-Order option.  This is available starting the 20th of each month.  You have 48 hours from that point to hit the "buy" button.

We provide you with previews of the kit so you can decide if it fits your style.  It also ships right out so you are the first to get your hands on that coveted kit.

Grab this sunflower decorated box on my ETSY shop.  It's a one-of-a kind so grab it quick.  
Flying Unicorn - Your Passion Your Art Kit - Oct and Mixed Passion AddOn Kit
Cigar Box
Petaloo Dahlias - Yellow 1467109
Petaloo Flower Center Daisy Centers - Ivory 4200009
Petaloo Darjeeling  - Wild Blossoms Large Craft Brown
Prima Vines 578251
7 Dots Lost and Found - "213" SDPP0129, "Elements" SDPE8029, "Labnotes" SDPP0130

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Kitty Showing Her Intentions

Escape Kitty Lives Everyday With Intention

This is Snaggle-toothed Kitty living with intention.   You can clearly see what she is intending - and she's up to no good.  But never fear, the birds fly away safely and this has a happy ending for all. 

Hello  I'm here today presenting a  collaborative layout  between Flying Unicorns and 2Crafty.  The Oct Flying Unicorns kit, Your Passion Your Art, has the most wonderful warm rich colors for Autumn, thanks to the 7Dots paper collection selected this month.  

( Special note - this layout is available on ETSY - and I will add your own photo.  Scrooll down to see what it looks like blank.  Kitty gets to stay home with me. See it here.   )
I chose some designs from the July release; "Bird Set", "Pretty Birdcage", and "Live Everyday With Intention".  I didn't do anything fancy with the chipboard.  The birdcage is beyond gorgeous on it's own so I left it "as is" because it blends perfectly with my page.  I did paint the birds with acrylic paints to make them stand out.   

Here are the images of the chippies I used:
"Bird Set

 "Pretty Birdcage"

  "Live Everyday With Intention"

I also left the  sentiment natural as well.  Look at how beautifully it blends.

This is how the page looks so that you can add your own photo.  I have this page available on my ETSY shop and will be happy to add your photo to this if you send me the photo you select.  I can also turn your photo sepia or black and white.

Thanks for stopping here.  I value your time. 

 If you missed the Flying Unicorns Oct kit, consider pre-ordering your kit each month.  Pre- orders start the 20th of each month, you get the best selection, you get to see a preview to determine if you like the colors and style of the particular month, AND it ships early.   Bonus all the way around.   Details here

Grab this layout on my ETSY while it lasts. I'll add your photo to it and mail it right out.

Products Used:
Flying Unicorn Oct Kit - Your Passion Your Art
2Crafty Bird Set m00583
2Crafty Pretty Birdcage m00592
2Crafty " Live Every Day With Intention" w-liveintent
Silk Acrylic Glaze
7Dots paper Collection

Saturday, October 3, 2015

World Card Making Day!

World Card Making Day!  Here are a few options

Prima Wood Foil Embellishments
( You can see the Prima post here)

Today I am celebrating World Card Day with a revisit from one of my favorite cards.  The main embellishment is a wood foil piece from Prima. 

I wanted to create a card that reminded me of a fancy box of chocolates - perhaps one from a vintage era, with rich reds and golds. A card that can even double for a holiday card.   The foil wood embellishments were perfect for the look I was trying to achieve.

The wood has a warm tone with a bit of finish on it.  The gold just radiates on the embellishments.    Ahhhh - you know how photos are - they never do the piece justice. 

I rolled a few rosebuds to compliment the greens/chartreuse of the Prima flowers.

The burlap heart in the background?  Well, that was a gift from my friend and crafter,  Lisa Swift.  She had a scrapping day at her house with some other local scrappers  and she handed us each a gift bag.  This was in it - perfect for my card. 

Thanks for looking.    I appreciate you.

  Cards Using Watercolor Pencils

( You can find the post at Prima here)
If you have never tried watercolor pencils, now's the time to give them a whirl.  They are super easy to use and can create dramatic results.  I tend to migrate toward the light colors so I used the Soft Neutrals box of pencils but you can be as bold as you would like.

I thought I would try the watercolor pencils on  Julie Nutting's wood dolls.  They worked like champs providing me with control over the area I was coloring without  the wood bleeding and running. They also are great for adding color accents to flowers.

I also colored the Everyday Vintage journal card with some blush  colors.

So here are a few quick easy ways to use the watercolor pencils by Prima:
1.  On wood - they work nicely on wood because they do not bleed with the grain of the wood.
2. On paper flowers - use the watercolor pencils to add accents to flowers for a custom look.
3. On journal cards - I enhanced the paper journal card to match my wood doll.

Cards Using Faux Letter Press Techniques

Hello!  I am on the Blitsy  Blog page with a quick tutorial on a card I made.  This card features Darice Embossing Essentials Embossing Folders and Prima Marketing products and Tim Holtz Inks.  While this card has a warm Autumn theme, just grab a different Embossing Folder from Darice and you have a whole new look with amazing possibilities!

The beauty about this card is that your friends and family will think you worked on this card for hours, when in fact it's super quick.